The meetings were flawless, of course! We had Andrew on site, and your support in organizing the details in advance – of course it was perfect, as usual! 🙂 There was not a single hiccup or issue with equipment. On site, the crew was on top of everything, including my typical last minute rearrangements, last minute presentation sharing / changes, and our panelist who walked in the door less than 2 minutes before he was scheduled to be on stage. You team is always on the ball! Another great event, and a grateful team, once again! Thank you for making sure we have the best!!! 🙂

James T.

I was onsite with Matt for a few full long days. He was very tech savvy, a great troubleshooter, professional, client facing, and good at leading his crew. He’s good at both load in / load out logistics, physically building things quickly, and also solving technical problems. I’d highly recommend him for any and all technology events.

Andy S.

It’s hard to express how wonderful the Andrews were when the AV at the event was managed so perfectly, it was like it wasn’t even happening 😉 I can’t share any “guys saved the day when they reacted to…” because there were no issues to react to. Love the team, and can’t thank you all enough for helping to make our events successful and my life easier. Absolutely zero concerns or issues with the team or any equipment; all the mics all worked perfectly, the presentation (and presenter viewing on the confidence monitors) was seamless, and the projected images were brilliant! Thank you for the upgrade on the projectors – the quality was great! Where the projectors upgraded the presentation experience, the pipe and drape and the lighting added class to the show – thanks for the suggestion! All in all, a wonderful and successful event! Extra kudos for the long and late hours setting and striking. So glad we have your skill and expertise to rely on. Thanks again and again!

Sarah S.

Your team did an amazing job at the meeting last week! The equipment (and management / monitoring of such) were flawless. Andrew was even able to grant a wish to a presenter who (last minute) wanted us to click a link to play a video in a slide – AND to have the video started midway… I was impressed, and she was pleased. Kudos, and thank you!!! Also, I wanted you to see the note, below, from our writer who couldn’t make it in November, and who we requested the last min recording for.
P.S. I wanted to be sure to mention that the recording you all send was AMAZING! Most of the time I have to turn up my speakers all the way and strain to hear voices… This one was so unbelievably easy to hear. 1,000,0000 thanks 🙂

Kim P.

As for this past week’s meeting – we haven’t done a team de-brief yet, but IMHO, the Andrews were spot-on! The equipment was great, and their attentiveness and professionalism were perfect. The guys even got props from the guest speaker on stage during her presentation. I was incredibly nervous about the Poll Everywhere, and so Andrew and Andrew did multiple test runs with me. We nailed the poll activity – and I think they found it pretty cool, just using cell phones and seeing real-time results. Added experience to your crew’s already capable resumes! Also, the guys were incredibly graceful and kind.

Kim S.

Thank you again for attention to the AV details, and your professionalism at all of our recent meetings. We appreciate you!

Kimberly R.

We use TRS for trade shows, probably around 30 times a year. They do a great job supplying AV: plasmas, monitors, DVD players, laptops, etc. They have a very knowledgeable crew who are onsite to set up, and available if any problems arise…their greatest asset. I plan to use them again this year.

Kelly H.

It was a pleasure working with you and your team; you have a great group of true professionals. I look forward to a long term partnership with you and Total Rental, and of course a few laughs along the way.

John K.

You are an awesome partner to work with and I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future. Thanks again.

Beth C.

Thank you for your contributions to another successful event. The treatment of our players and staff this year was beyond compare. Your dedication and hard work made this the most well-run event to date. We look forward to seeing you next year.

John S.

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