3 Audio System Upgrades to Consider

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If you were to guess from a group of professionals, the ones who are most likely to break a law while carrying out their duties, you would not consider the public speaker. However, it is now very easy to, without proper guidance, flout new FCC regulations while using audio systems in public places. This might be the perfect time to upgrade your audio system.

New FCC Regulations?

The new regulations are geared towards wireless microphones but ultimately affect your audio system altogether. The manufacture, import, lease, sale or shipment of wireless microphones utilizing the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies will be cut off on July 13th, 2020 and this could be sooner depending on their interference with new licenses to exist in the bad.

The best time to upgrade

Audio system upgrades are tricky given that they comprise of a variety of components such as (wireless) microphones and receivers, as well as the fact that they are used in conference rooms, places of worship, schools, lecture halls, and almost every public venue. Hence, the specific components and intended use for the system determine when upgrades are required. However, some pointers are valid across all audio system configurations, such as the following:

Jacked System

A rule of thumb is that if your microphone is corded, your upgrade is due. Their sound quality is poor, and companies provide zero support for them as they are phased out slowly.

No Sound

Sound systems are quite versatile, with equipment shipping with tons of features, but the first job of these systems is to amplify sounds. In 2019, you know it’s time to upgrade if your current system is unreliable, produces distorted sound, or brings out no sound at all.

Ugly or Inefficient Equipment

The organization of your set up can determine your productivity, and if your equipment is holding you back, you should probably change them. Many components get better with changes in form factor; for instance, tabletop speakers vs speakers installed in the ceiling or walls. These do not only affect your output; it also dents the image of your organization.

Audio Systems to Purchase

Thankfully, the FCC did not only announce this ban, but it also opened up for licensed wireless microphone, the following frequencies in the 169-172 MHz, 1435-1525 MHz, and 6875-7125 MHz bands, as well as portions of the 900 MHz band. Unlicensed wireless microphone operators now also have new bands. Besides, Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate allows organizations to trade in their current systems for new ones, to facilitate the change for the FCC regulations, whether or not the old systems are Shure models.

Microphone Systems

The entire audio system starts here, and so should your upgrade. Upgrade of some components such as for streaming and webcasting platforms may be impractical without a capable wireless microphone.

Control Systems

Control systems are of critical to specific applications, such as audio systems in multipurpose venues. Rather than bogus setups, you should upgrade to a centralized, modern control system that can cater to all the applications without compromising quality.


Just like microphones, speaker systems are crucial, as they are the endpoints in sound system designs. After producing your beautiful piece of music, only equally advanced speaker systems will bring to life the audio-visual goodness and eliminate distortions.

Next Steps.

If your system is eligible for the Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate, work toward that as soon as you can. Research the latest sound system products, starting with the three most essential components we have discussed. Total Rental Solutions will guide you along the way from investigating your best options to installing and maintaining your system.

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