Audio Visual Checklist to Refer to Before Every Video Conference Meeting

Making Checklist With Laptop

Technological advancements in the video conferencing and audiovisual sector have reached new heights, allowing people to connect with each other easily, regardless of their location. Today, more and more employees are using technology and working from home. About 68 percent employees from all over the world work in this manner, at least once every month.

Consequently, the use of video conference rooms has increased and will continue to. With such trends on the rise, you need to make sure that every conference room in your office is equipped with functional, efficient and reliable communication tools. Even minor technical inconveniences and issues can create frustration and impact productivity negatively.

Hence, it is very crucial for your audio visual systems to work smoothly and efficiently. Once set up, you won’t need to worry about unnecessary time and productivity loss. All your meetings will fall right into the scheduled timings.

Components of an AV System

A typical audio/visual system will comprise of the following components:

The Ideal Audio Visual Setup Checklist

Looking to upgrade your conference room or create a solution for an underperforming audio visual system? Use this checklist as a guide to create the ideal setup for your conference room.

Internet Connection

Using Internet is absolutely necessary in the contemporary business world. For your audio visual conference, a secure and uninterrupted internet connection is crucial.

Wi-Fi signals can be spotty when it comes to supporting large video content. To create the perfect Internet solution for your conference, make it a point to have Wi-Fi as well as an Ethernet connection to support your system at all times.

Top-Notch Video Capabilities

More often than not, video conference meetings involve more than two people. And when the topic under discussion is crucial to a business, all important members take part in the meeting. In such scenarios (and generally as well), high engagement is vital in making those who are conferencing in feel as present as possible.

To successfully create this connection, you should incorporate 360 view cameras in your audio visual solution. Such cameras offer a full-view video coverage of the conference room and even highlight the member who is speaking, making the discussion feel almost entirely organic.

Tested Audio Equipment

During an important business conference, receiving and sending out clear audio signals is something that is essential and cannot be compromised on. Not being able to hear at your end or not being heard properly at the other will create confusion and lead to misinterpretations. Clearing these confusions to get the real message across will further require extra time and effort, resulting in wastage.

Relying entirely on low-quality microphones and speakers, such as those that come built-in with laptops, will create distortions and crackles. To avoid facing this issue, make sure you utilize high quality and tested microphones & speakers.


Creating your own portable system will serve you in two ways.

Firstly, having a transportable audio visual conference system will allow you to work on a budget. Since this system could be taken anywhere, you would not need to purchase a separate set of devices for each conference room of your office.

Secondly, portability will also allow you to carry necessary equipment easily to other settings, such as board meetings, other businesses or anywhere you plan on holding a meeting.

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