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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Outside Audio Visual Company

What are the differences between in-house and outside AV providers?

From a logistics standpoint, both AV vendor options can accomplish the task. Events, whether large or small, require diligent planning and budgeting. Deciding whether to employ the company that comes with the venue, or seek out a third party, requires research and significant insight into their accompanying benefits. The most critical points of interest, and where these two differ the most, are mobility, pricing, and service.

1. Partnership

Contractually, the in-house provider is tied to the hotel/venue. This means that if your next event is at a different location, the business relationship you may have built (i.e. specific techs or points of contact) will not transfer to the new destination. The outside technology provider does not suffer from this constraint and can ensure requested points of contact and service professionals are able to follow you. With Total Rental Solutions, this desired consistency and familiarity spans the globe, 24/7!

A percentage of what the in-house provider charges you usually goes directly to the venue (i.e. hotel, convention center, grounds), thereby creating a higher bid. Remaining in budget while meeting or exceeding your technology needs, is the ultimate goal for any successful audio visual rental company.

2. Saves you time

Employing an outside AV vendor saves you the hassle of training and familiarizing yourself with company practices and standards.

It is in your company’s best interest to partner with a single nation-wide provider to support all of your meetings and events. Total Rental Solutions guarantees consistency in service and pricing, saving you the time and effort it takes to re-negotiate pricing and re-explain the meeting flow.

3. Modern equipment, specific to your needs

Many times the in-house provider has a limited selection of equipment. In-house AV providers typically rely on consistent contracts from the venue and the notion that they are the only available option. This reduces the need to update technology and the customer is often forced to mold to their specifications.

A global audio visual provider, such as TRS, must push the technological envelope to not only remain current, but to better tailor their equipment and services to match the ever-changing needs of the modern client.

4. Onsite technicians are dedicated to your event

The technical staff of in-house AV providers are often responsible for multiple events in the hotel/venue at the same time, making it difficult or impossible for any customer to be their sole focus. A third-party AV vendor can provide dedicated support for your event. With this established partnership event goals can be reached without the worry of micro-managing tasks and with confidence the job will get done.

5. Pricing is upfront and tailored to your budget

Book your meeting or event with an in-house provider and you may be billed for items like extra technician time, tape down, patch fees, extra cables, without notice. Audio visual providers, like TRS, are required to receive approval before adding anything. 

In-house AV costs and services vary from location to location. Total Rental Solutions, provides flat-rate pricing with dependable service.

Same premier equipment and service at any location.

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