Video Walls: LCD or LED?

Video Walls have been used successfully in corporate meetings, trade shows, conferences, sporting events, and concerts for digital signage and effective full-screen visuals. This large-scale display device is available in different sizes and displays technologies such LED and LCD. Which would be best for your event?

LCD Video Walls

LCD technology is used in products such as computer monitors, TV, smartphones and many other familiar screens. The LCD video wall is made of liquid crystal that is embedded between the two layers of polarized glass. The liquid crystal is a special material that flows like a liquid but it has the consistency of crystals. With the application of the electric current, the liquid will shift into crystals to assure that light can easily pass through it for the formation of a clear image. LCD Video Wall benefits include:

  • Remarkable Visual Performance
  • Clear Imagery and Text
  • High Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Sharp Video Display Details
  • Short Viewing Distances

LED Video Walls

Hundreds of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are embedded in the screen to provide you the perfect display. There is no liquid crystal or other polarized glass and the small light bulbs will emit the light that can be used for the creation of the image. There is a special voltage of every light bulb as well as color to assure that it will emit the required amount of light. The common lights in LED are blue, red and green that leads to the formation of other colors. It is commonly used in the giant outdoor displays. LED Video Wall benefits include:

  • Higher Resolution
  • Color Accuracy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Brightness
  • No Bezel
  • Ability to Create a Seamless Video

Which is best?

What is the objective of your event? What would your “wall” display? While making that decision, consider the viewing distance, your event’s setting and the content that will be displayed. For the presentation, the LCD video wall will be a great option. On the other hand, if you are planning to create a visual impact you should consider using an LED video wall. Whichever display you decide to go with or if you’re having a hard time deciding, let TRS assist you! With Total Rental Solutions, you have access to affordable and reliable equipment and service. Check out our available video walls and rent with us today!

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