How Audio Visual Pushes the Workplace Revolution

Employees Working At Office

Organizations sell their services in different ways; some companies advertize the features of their audio visual equipment, while others educate clients on how their gear will improve their operations. Most companies in the AV industry are, to a considerable extent, under the former category.

Soft skills and UX (User Experience) vs. Features

They say ‘a great experience is 10% turning knobs and 90% how you make people feel,’ but many technicians, especially the less- or inexperienced ones make the mistake of ignoring the crucial human aspect of audio/video; many fail to understand that this is the key to building a stable, long-term relationship.

This is because although it is technical, similar to the hospitality industry, the bulk of the roles in any audio visual company is based on customer service. There is a plethora of resources and training available for audio visual deployments, as well as technical specifications, but most companies in this industry miss the ideal focus.

UX (User Experience) Always Wins

Historically, manufacturers of technology have always employed the tactic of adding as many features as possible in their audio visual equipment, and mostly, these features are merely derived from the latest industry trends rather than clients’ needs and preferences. Thankfully, manufacturers are only now starting to get feedback from managers, and through these inputs, they now understand the need of basing that their latest innovations or additions to products on the feedback from people who use them.

Every tech manager should make conscious effort to establish rapport with CEOs, integrators, and vendor partners, as these are the real people who influence buying decisions as well as the design of the equipment.

Data Analysis vs. Data Capture

Data is central to the proper running of operations in an audio visual company, but it is not utilized as effectively as it should. Numbers are not facts; you can spin them to fit any given narrative, but then, the industry focuses hugely on just data capturing and ignores data analysis, which in my opinion is golden for interpreting clients’ needs and identifying their pain points.

Company Culture

To fully imbibe this new approach in your company culture, you must also take put this into consideration when hiring new staff. As you know, most candidates that get to the interview are qualified already to perform the functions for the advertized role. Employers should go with the candidates whose orientation align with that of yours in terms of social interaction. Hire candidates who show that they can establish great friendships and are likable.

Keys to Great Service

Technology is volatile, and in the audio visual industry, this volatility can hinder a company’s service. Unexpected and mostly uncontrollable variables like architectural obstacles, ambient noise, and so forth can make a project more challenging; hence, technicians must be able to adapt to any given working environment.

These factors make jobs tougher, but on the flip side, they present an opportunity to emphasize value. Unpredictable circumstances are the reason professional audio visual services are needed in the first place. So, these variables are a chance for companies to display creativity, adaptability, and strategies.

Audio/Video technology continues to push the workplace revolution; get ahead of the curve and contact us today – one of our specialists will be glad to assist you!

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